It’s been a while

It’s been quite some time since I’ve contributed anything to site.  Some things have changed, including the role I occupy within my organization.

I have joined the application development division and am working on multiple programming languages / frameworks.

Without thinking about this WordPress I took many notes with step-by-step instructions on starting your first Rails application and other items.  Over time this will be brought into the WordPress site.

There is also an amazing book I found on Reddit that helps you build an Instagram-esque site via Ruby on Rails.  I am finding it to be a very enjoyable read and hopefully you’ll find it equally fun.

The Book: Let’s Build Instagram from scratch with Ruby on Rails – Free Edition
by Ben Walker (

One last plug, this site will change your life:

I hope everyone who visits this site walks away with some form of happiness!


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Installing Linpack Benchmark (HPL) on a Rocks Cluster

Installing Linpack Benchmark (HPL) on a Rocks Cluster

  • Performed on a Rocks Cluster built on this version:

    • area51+base+bio+condor+ganglia+hpc+java+kernel+kvm+os+perl+python+service-pack+sge+web-server+zfs-linux-6.1.x86_64.disk1



  • Add a new user (useradd linpacker) and set a password for newly added user (passwd linpacker)

  • Sync users for ROCKS (rocks sync users)

As New User (linpacker):

GoToBLAS Portion

  • Download GotoBLAS from TACC website

  • Untar it into /export/home/linpacker/ (tar -xvf GotoBLAS2-1.13.tar.gz)

  • Change directory to the GoToBLAS2 directory (cd /export/home/linpacker/GotoBLAS2)

  • Build GoToBLAS2 (/export/home/linpacker/GotoBLAS2/quickbuild.64bit)

  • Run the MAKE command (make)

HPL (Linpack Portion)

  • Change to home directory (cd /export/home/linpacker)

  • Download HPL from NetLib website

  • Untar it into /export/home/linpacker/  (tar -xvf hpl-2.1.tar.gz)

  • Create a Symbolic Link for the HPL directory (ln -s /export/home/linpacker/hpl-2.1 /export/home/linpacker/hpl)

  • Copy the Make.Linux_PII_FBLAS from the HPL setup directory to the HPL root (cp /export/home/linpacker/hpl/setup/Make.Linux_PII_FBLAS /export/home/linpacker/hpl)

  • Edit the Make.Linux_PII_FBLAS file
    (vim /export/home/linpacker/hpl/Make.Linux_PII_FBLAS) with the following changes (the examples below show the original commented line and the modded one below):

    • #TOPdir       = $(HOME)/hpl

    • TOPdir       = /export/home/linpacker/hpl

    • #MPdir        = /usr/local/mpi

    • MPdir        = /opt/openmpi/

    • #MPlib        = $(MPdir)/lib/libmpich.a

    • MPlib        = $(MPdir)/lib/libmpi.a

    • #LAdir        = $(HOME)/netlib/ARCHIVES/Linux_PII

    • LAdir        = /export/home/linpacker/GotoBLAS2

    • #LAlib        = $(LAdir)/libf77blas.a $(LAdir)/libatlas.a

    • LAlib        = $(LAdir)/libgoto2.a -lm -L/usr/lib/gcc/i386-redhat-linux/4.1.2

    • #CC           = /usr/bin/gcc

    • CC           = /opt/openmpi/bin/mpicc

    • #LINKER       = /usr/bin/g77

    • LINKER       = /opt/openmpi/bin/mpif77

  • Save and Quit the Make.Linux_PII_FBLAS file (If using VI/VIM    :wq)

  • Change to the HPL directory (cd hpl)

  • Run the MAKE command specifying the architecture (make arch=Linux_PII_FBLAS)

  • Make a backup of the HPL.dat file found in /export/home/linpacker/hpl/bin/Linux_PII_FBLAS/HPL.dat
    (cp /export/home/linpacker/hpl/bin/Linux_PII_FBLAS/HPL.dat /export/home/linpacker/hpl/bin/Linux_PII_FBLAS/HPL.dat.original)

  • Tune the HPL.dat to suit your cluster

  • Create a file that contains the nodes, separated by newlines, that will be subjected to the HPL benchmark (vim /export/home/linpacker/machines)

  • Change to the directory containing the HPL.dat and xhpl executable
    (cd /export/home/linpacker/hpl/bin/Linux_PII_FBLAS/)

  • Run the Benchmark!
    /opt/openmpi/bin/mpirun -nolocal -np 6 -machinefile /export/home/linpacker/machines xhpl

    • Note: The number of processes specified by the -np parameter should correlate to the process grid configured in HPL.dat

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You just can’t wait for the firewall exception to be added….


Copy/Paste starts here:

mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.6.18-348.1.1.el5.img 2.6.18-348.1.1.el5 –preload hv_storvsc –preload hv_vmbus –preload hv_utils -f

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For the Horde!

The best alt I've ever leveled!

Catalina makes her mom and dad so proud!

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Mac OS X Terminal SSH Shortcuts


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In times of doubt…

It’s flippin’ selinux!

Soon to come… selinux troubleshooting!

For now…

sealert -a /var/log/audit/audit.log > /path/to/mylogfile.txt


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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Alternate SSH Port Configuration

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Alternate SSH Port Configuration

Please note I will update this blog post soon with the RHEL 6 version of this fix:


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